Zumba Gold

Why should I take a Zumba class?

Zumba is an excellent format for most fitness participants from beginners to super fit.   The class is fun, safe, effective, and you will see results very quickly in our classes.

Streetlight Studios, LLC

Zumba Toning


Zumba Gold is designed for Active older adults or anyone who wants a lighter Zumba experience.  These classes are 45 minutes in length and feature all the fun of a regular Zumba Class.

Aqua Zumba


Piyo classes will give you all the benefits of yoga, Pilates and strength training all in one action packed hour. 

Our team of experienced instructors will make you look forward to your next Zumba Party.

Our Classes

Zumba Toning comines dance movement with upper and lower body conditioning movement.  We provide the toning sticks, you provide the power and a smile.

Our Pool Party class is crazy fun and gives you benefits like none of our other classes.  The water creates resistance to tone every part of your body and keep your workout low impact...