Frequently asked questions....

I haven't worked out for many months (years really), can I come to a Zumba class?

Yes!!!   Zumba is primarily low-impact for your joints and easy to modify to your fitness level.  The hardest step is getting yourself to your first class.  We love newcomers, so please know that you are always welcome to join in on the fun.

What do I wear to Zumba?

Fitness clothes that allow you to move freely.     Shoes are a personal choice.  My recommendation is a smooth-soled athletic shoe.  Any sneaker or athletic shoe will be fine for a class or two, but if you come on a regular basis I recommend a sneaker that has a "pivot point" on the bottom, like the Nike "Musique" fitness shoe.

How much does Zumba cost?

Please see the page for the location that you will attend.

Does your pricing cover admission to the recreation center?

The pricing of our classes allows a participant to take our class in their scheduled recreation center, so there is no addition fee to get into our class.    If you decide to participate in other activities in the center, that would be subject to an additional fee.

How old do you have to be to do a Zumba Class? 

The general rule is 12-15 when accompanied by an adult, 16 and over without an adult.   Westminster City Park is a 15 and older facility.    Each facility is a little different, so feel free to contact me in advance if you would like to bring a child into class.

If I purchase a punch pass is it valid at all of your locations? 

No.  Although we would love to offer this, the Cities work independently.  The pass is valid at any facilities within the city that you purchase it.